In Dubai, the trend of renting a car and driving it by himself has become a new trend. Rather than exploring the city by metro, bus or cab, even tourists prefer to go for exotic car rental in Dubai. But you have to be careful while selecting and driving one rented car and the most important thing is to understand the traffic rules in Dubai. Here are some useful tips:-

Side of the Road: When you are renting a car in Dubai, you must be extra careful about the rules and regulations. The basic thing to know about Dubai traffic is that you have to drive on the left-hand side of the road like Canada, USA, and Germany and unlike India, South Africa etc. Whether you are opting for a sports car hire or any other kind of car, this rule remains constant and basic.

Driving License To Drive the Exotic Car For Rental In Dubai: The residents of UAE must have a valid driving license authorised by the government to drive a car. This can be obtained by giving an exam and doing some paperwork. For the tourists who are visiting Dubai on a visa will need an international driver’s permit along with the driving licences they got in their own country. If your licence has been issued by any European country or countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Japan or New Zealand, then you are eligible to obtain a temporary driver’s licence valid for six months in UAE.

Car Accident:-When you are renting a car, you must be aware that the car does not meet any accident by any chance. But even if it does, you must not block the road with the car. If you are injured then the car must not be moved. You have to wait for the police to come who will decide whether the accident took place because of you or for the third party’s fault. Lodging a police report is mandatory about any accident. Otherwise, you may have to bear every expense regarding the accident including the liabilities of the third party.

Safety Especially For The Sports Car For Hire: The roads in Dubai are well maintained, flat and most importantly quite safe. However, while you are driving the cars at high speed, especially a sports car, you should be extra vigilant. Most of the accidents occur due to the distraction of the drivers. As a driver, you should pay attention to the fellow drivers and the condition of the road.

While you are renting a car in Dubai, you have to sign a contract of insurance excess which mentions the maximum amount for which you are too liable if any damage is caused to the car. To drive safely, you should abide by the traffic rules. If you do so, there is no fear of any loss anymore.