There are beautiful roads in the UAE among the many tourist attractions people often visit. Those who have previously experienced driving in the UAE will agree with the fact that the roads in this part of the world are ideal for road trips. If you love long drives and scenic views, the roads in the UAE offer you the opportunity to experience a new kind of driving. In this article, you will find some information about the best scenic drives to take with our high-performance luxury cars.

Essential UAE Road Trips

Jebel Jais

Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah is considered the highest mountain in the whole United Arab Emirates. It only takes just a couple of hour’s drive from Dubai. Jebel Jais  is  part of the famous Hajar mountain range, with an elevation of 6268 feet. The rugged, rocky terrain from the road to the top is full of hard turns that are perfect for those who chase an adventure. Adrenaline will rush in your body and you will have an unmatched, unique experience.

Jebel HafeetTraveling to the UAE? Visit Al Ain, Not Dubai | Egyptian Streets

Another destination you can choose going to is Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain. It is about a two-hour drive from Abu Dhabi to travel about 170 km to reach Jebel Hafeet, which is the second highest mountain in the UAE. Therefore, to enjoy the spectacular views from the top, you have to drive on the beautiful and dangerous asphalt road that is 7.3 meters long. The trip to the mountaintop looks exhilarating as the road up gets more and more twisty. With sixty turns and three lanes, called this as the greatest driving road in the world. If you want to be away from crowded streets and spend unforgettable times, then this tourist destination is the best choice for you.

HattaThree water sport activities just a short drive from Dubai | Things To Do |  Time Out Dubai

Hatta road is full of sharp edges and blind corners that suit those who love off-roading. To reach this road, one has to take a left turn before reaching Hatta Fort Hotel. This road may be short (barely 10-11 km in length) but it is challenging. There you will find turns, twists, blind corners, and steep slopes, followed by completely unexpected cliffs. This makes the road more difficult to drive on, especially when you encounter a number of dangerous slopes that await you on turns. In short, if you really want to test your driving skills; take a trip to Hatta Fort Hotel, Hatta.

Liwa OasisLiwa Oasis travel | United Arab Emirates, Middle East - Lonely Planet

Liwa Oasis is located 220 km southwest of Abu Dhabi in the northern part of the Empty Quarter desert. It is one of the largest oases in the Arabian Peninsula. Its name is derived from the Arabic word “Al-Jawa’a” which means a green oasis or a place where one can rest and relax. Besides, Liwa Oasis is the area that was formerly home to the Bani Yas tribe, and represents the rich history of traditional agriculture and nomadic life, according to the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment website. In addition, in the south of Liwa locates one of the largest sand dunes in the region, at over 300m high, which is Moreeb Dune. It is a popular location for driving in the desert. As we all know, the desert areas in Abu Dhabi, with its high sand dunes and sprawling sand valleys, is an outlet for lovers of adventure and suspense. Hence, driving on sand dunes is a great way to discover the vast desert. If this is what you are looking for, do not miss the opportunity to drive there.

Dubai to Kalba RoadFile:Sharjah-Kalba Road ഷാർജ-കൽബ റോഡ് 05.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Most travelers will say there is nothing to be mentioned on this road from Dubai to Kalba, Sharjah. Rest assured that the way will surprisingly have some real features that will make your jaw drop. Things will never look boring anymore – the multiple S bends and sharp curves will grab your attention. The best part of the trip and the real excitement of Kalba, Sharjah is the famous 1.27-kilometre tunnel. Through this dark tunnel, the scenic beauty of the Fujairah Valley awaits you, and we are sure that it will make you say it was a journey worth the effort.


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