When you rented the car you have dreamed of, it was new and polished, right? You have promised to take great care of it.

Keep your rental car clean with our team of car experts!


Riding the car when it is neat reflects on your psychological state positively, so make sure to always keep it clean, whether by cleaning it manually or in the car wash. Nevertheless, at the stage of cleaning the exterior of the car, it is important to be careful so that wrong methods of cleaning do not affect the car and its paint.


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• Close all windows, to prevent water from entering the car while washing.


• Prepare the materials required to wash the car from cleaning materials, such as car washing shampoo, windows cleaner, large buckets for rinsing and placing the car’s cleaning materials, a water hose, a brush to clean the tires, and towels to dry the car after washing it.


• Car tires are parts that are strongly exposed to dirt, mud, asphalt and many other things. Cleaning them makes the car look more beautiful and luxurious, so be sure to clean and shine them.


 • Clean car windows from the outside, remove dust and stains, and shine them, as they are your means of communicating with the world outside your car.


• Always clean your car’s headlights and taillights well, as the cleanliness of these lights greatly affects the power of their lighting.


• The windshield wipers do not only need to be cleaned, they also need to be monitored and changed every period, so if you notice streaks on the windshield after turning on the wipers in the rain, know that it is time to change them.


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• Side mirrors are not a decoration, their role is very important, and you must take care of their cleanliness so that they provide a clear vision for you while driving. Besides, if you find them vibrating or not well fixed, change them immediately.


• If you have tinted windows, it is best to use an alcohol-free, ammonia-free glass cleaner because ammonia can remove their color and cause damage to them.


• The best way to get shiny windows is to use a microfiber towel while washing the windows, because they are super gentle on the vehicle’s windows.


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• Many of us get rid of dust and dirt from the car exterior by using a cotton towel, and this method is improper, as it causes scratches in the car’s paint. You must replace this method with the method of blowing air, which removes the dust and dirt stuck to the car body easily and without any damage.


• Do not wash the exterior of the car body in hot weather or under the sun, as it negatively affects the paint and color of the car, and causes damage and cracks.


• Be sure to use cleaning tools to clean the exterior of the car, by using a soft sponge and some tools that are special for cleaning cars, so do not use the wrong tools so as not to cause damage to the exterior of the car, especially the windows.


• Avoid using chemicals to clean the exterior of the car, as these materials negatively affect the car’s paint, because they may contain accumulated acids that work to get rid of fats, and thus they damage the car’s paint. It is better to use car wash shampoo or soap and water for cleaning the car.


• Use clean water to wash the car, and avoid using salt water, as you can find it in car washrooms because it is cheap, and that water causes white spots to the car’s body.


Keeping you rental car clean is a big responsibility. Here at VIP Rent a Car, our team of car professionals are more than willing to help you maintain your luxury car in tip-top shape!