Rolls Royce Wraith White Black Badge

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Get yourself the car model that your heart craves and have a delightful journey filled with maximum satisfaction. With our Rolls Royce Wraith White Black Badge, you will have a memorable adventure in the UAE. Our exceptional car models offer you to have a unique time. This beautiful car comes with a powerful 624bhp engine that delivers 155Mph top speed, automatic transmission, and 642lb·ft max torque. This makes this model a combination of power and elegance as well. This vehicle can impress your soul within a glimpse due to the unique and detailed exterior design and the most beautiful and comfortable interior.

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We at VIP Car Rental offer this spectacular model in a beautiful white shade mixed with an extraordinary black interior. With this kind of great car, nothing can stop you from enjoying the UAE’s beauty. We also offer you many astonishing services that will enhance your trip in the UAE to a beautiful one filled with maximum pleasure and luxury. Despite how bizarre you would while driving it, you would also relish a delightful adventure in it. With VIP Car Rental, everything you dream of is manageable with the astonishing Rolls Royce Wraith White Black Badge.

Why Rolls Royce Wraith White Black Badge?

Here at VIP Car Rental, we always seek every chance to provide you with everything you desire in the most wonderful way possible. Whether you’re looking for an elegant car that can add that luxurious touch to your lifestyle, then this is the perfect car model for you. All you have to do is get behind the wheel, turn the engine on, listen to its roar, and enjoy a trip of maximum happiness in the UAE. It features air conditioning, USB and audio input, GPS navigation, and Bluetooth. With this trustworthy model, you’re the most elegant friend that always looks unique.

Keep your expectations as high as you want; this glamorous Rolls Royce Wraith White Black Badge will surprise you with how astonishing it’s built. With VIP Car Rental, your lifestyle is exceptional. All you have to do is book your preferred car and let the magic begin. With VIP Car Rental, you’ll have the most astonishing adventures.


Doors 4
Exterior Color White
Interior Color BLue
Make Rolls Royce
Seats 4
Transmission Automatic


Audio Input
GPS Navigation
USB Input

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