Dubai is a city of large deserts, sky touching towers, fantastic marvels, and beautiful palm beaches. But among these, there are many unknown places that are more spectacular and full of variety. These destinations are hidden brilliantly in the city and they are not as famous as other spots but will surely make you fall in love with them. So, here are some of the unknown places in Dubai you must visit.

Majlis Cafe Near The Jumeirah Mosque:

Majlis Cafe dubai

Dubai is known for its camel milk and Majlis cafe near Jumeirah mosque. It is also known for its mouth-watering pistachio ice cream made from camel milk. You can also enjoy a walk along the Jumeirah beach after enjoying the delicacies of the cafe. It is considered one of the best-hidden gems in the city of Dubai. The cafe also offers a large variety of milkshakes, creams, and coffee. Easily rent a car from any luxury car hire in the city and then drive to the location and enjoy the scenic view and the food.

Beach Park of Al Mamzar:

Beach Park Al Mamzar

Al Mamzar beach park is a paradise for kids. It has a large white sand beach where the kids can enjoy. You can also enjoy your time in the pools available in the beach park. You can rent a car from any luxury car hire in the city and can then comfortably drive to the beach park with your family. There are beautiful picnic spots with restaurants, snack bars, and barbeques. You can also rent bicycles and go for a ride along the beach.

The Farm in Al Barari:

The Farm in Al Barari

It is situated in the desert and remains unknown to a lot of people still today. You will feel at home when you visit the place with your family or friends. It is recommended to hire a convertible car from convertible car rental service providers and drive by the scenic lakes and landscapes. The place is complete greenery. It has 34 themed gardens and is surrounded by almost 4 million trees.

The lakes of Al Qudra:
Al Qudra Lake in Dubai UAE

It is a series of magnificent man-made lakes that gives shelter to more than 130 species of water animals. It is a perfect spot for tenting while doing desert adventures. You can hire a car from any convertible car rental services and visit the place during the sunset in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

These are some of the most unknown places in Dubai that you should not miss. If you are looking for private cars to go around the places then you can rely on VIP Car Rental. They provide luxury, economy as well as convertible car rental services in Dubai at reasonable rates.