Dubai, the imperial city of the middle east, the city of billionaires, the city of Burj Khalifa, the city of palm and dates, the city of Sheikhs. Though Dubai is also known as one of the wealthiest cities in cars, people coming from outside often think that moving in luxury and sports cars in Dubai is either possible in movies or can only be done by the rich folks only.

This thinking is totally a misconception that people often bear. Like other destinations, Dubai also includes several Exotic Car Rental services. Some of them are directly controlled by the Dubai administration while the others are under private undertaking authorities. Moreover, in a contradiction to people’s thinking, Luxury Sports Car Hire services are much cheaper than people usually think. You can hire in both online and offline ways. Let us discuss this broadly.

Exotic and Luxury Cars Available for Rental

Luxury Cars Available for Rental

In this case, the availability of cars differs from company to company. Specific car rental services have specific sets of cars. Some provide classic limousines with an elegant grandeur while some provide fiery and fast sports cars and others provide convertibles and SUVs which are worth to be shown. Some also provide certain economic cars. But, to be specific, VIP Car Rental provides cars from all the categories. Most of the exotic car rental services have a diversity of cars for the customers. Following is a list of few of the cars available for rental based on each category:

  • Luxury Cars – Rolce Royce Ghost, Bentley GT, Audi A6, BMW X 6, etc.
  • Sports Cars – Lamborghini Huracan, Audi R8, Chevrolet Camaro 2014, Ferrari 458-2016, Porsche Boxter GTS, McLaren, etc.
  • SUVs – Mercedes G 63 AMG, Bentley Bantayaga, Range Rover Vogue, Cadillac Escalade, Nissan Patrol Platinum, etc.
  • Economy Cars – Hyundai Accent, Mazda 6, Nissan Sunny 2017 Grey, KIA Rio 2014, etc.

Car Rental Prices

The price of car rental in Dubai varies by different criteria. Some criteria are based on the quality of car being rented while other criteria are based on the company. Pick-up and drop times are also calculated for prices of car rental.

car rental price Dubai

It is not at all a hectic and costly job to check out for exotic car rental services in an emerging city like Dubai. VIP Car Rental is a trusted company that provides you such facilities at an ease. You can rent your desired cars from us at much lower prices as compared to the above-mentioned companies. The decision is yours.

All you have to bear is a basic knowledge of cars which are suitable for your needs. And the rest, you can blindly leave it to VIP Car Rental experts. We are proven to be the most reliable company from the point of view of the customer’s comfort.