Maserati Ghibli

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Maserati Ghibli is an Italian car that is considered a mid-size luxury sedan. The first Maserati Ghibli Rental was designed and appeared at Turin Motor Show in 1966, and at that time, it followed the tradition that Maserati had brought to the fore with the impressive A6 1500 in 1947: it was the Gran Tourer. This means that Maserati fulfilled its promise by imposing design, infinite luxury, strength, and complete comfort, no matter how long the driver wishes to travel.

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Ghibli is a vehicle that naturally carries the genes of racing cars to run with tremendous power. The latest Ghibli cars embody the authentic spirit and express the ever-present desire for innovation, competition, and excellence. This means exclusive luxury and elegance in a bold design with superior technologies and surely formidable performance.

Enjoy the Amazing Specifications of Ghibli

The car’s exterior design is very sporty, and the interior is very distinctive. The car’s materials are of high quality, and the car’s performance is high at various speeds. Ghibli accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.5 seconds, which is excellent. The insulation in the car is perfect, and the space in the car is spacious. The car is very comfortable, and the car’s stability is amazing at high speeds and corners. Moreover, Maserati has placed safety as a priority when designing the Ghibli.

The Powerful Ghibli is Quite Perfect for Your Next Trip

Thus, it provides luxurious benefits throughout the trip and applies complete safety standards in line with the EURO NCAP 5-star rating. The engine of Ghibli is a 350 hp strong V6 with a 500 NM of torque. Ghibli carries an impressively comprehensive collection of advanced driving assistance systems. This means more peace of mind, whether you’re on an exclusive luxury tour or visiting Dubai’s attractions.

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Doors 4
Exterior Color Black
Interior Color Red
Make Maserati
Seats 5
Transmission Automatic


Audio Input
GPS Navigation
USB Input

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