Rent a Car in JLT Dubai

A different life and a whole new experience. You still haven’t lived till your try to rent a car in JLT Dubai. Maybe you’re fine with your ordinary and simple life. Hopefully, when you get bored and want to try something new, you must consider renting a car in JLT.

Whether you’re an outgoing person who likes to spend time doing countless activities or enjoys a hot cup of coffee, all your requirements can be easily found in this rich and wondrous destination in Dubai. Vast restaurant with different cousin dishes, glorious calming cafes, and wild bars for you to enjoy. You can definitely enjoy your time in JLT.

We here at VIP offer the chance to rent a car in JLT Dubai for several reasons. One is because our deals are competitive and our prices are compelling. Two, JLT is full of excitement and adventure to experience, especially in a nice luxury car from us at VIP. So, buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating ride.

What Car Rentals Am I Looking At?

Before we get into why JLT is a marvelous destination, we need to pick the car for the journey. You can come on down to our care dealer company, VIP, or check out our fleet online for your car rental in JLT Dubai. We offer a divine selection of luxury cars ranging from the latest Rolls Royces to the exotic Bentleys. This category provides that high-class feel with a prestige edge added to your personality. You can enjoy cruising around and stopping by famous bars to make an entrance. The sports car fleet is one of our iconic selections. You can find what your heart desires right here in this rampage of powerful cars.

We offer Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Audis, and much more. With a rental like this, you’ll have the power of 400 horses under just one hood. Plus, you’ll surely be mistaken for a celebrity once you step out of these beauties. Sometimes simple is more than enough, and you need that extra tank of gas to drive more in the city. So, it’s better to go with our economy cars that offer promising performance, good looks, and extra fuel.

If you’re visiting on vacation, then you might consider an economy vehicle for your “rent a car in JLT Dubai” experience. Although, bigger is better and simple doesn’t quite cut it. In that case, you’re better off renting an SUV like the Audi X6 or a Range Rover from our extraordinary collection. You can take the entire family on trips, carry huge luggage, and still have a great time. It might even be your best family car option if you’re looking for that.

Things to Do in JLT Dubai

Let’s give you a few incredible things you can enjoy if you rent a car in JLT Dubai to get you started.

Delicious Restaurants

You can’t expect yourself to drive by your next activity on an empty stomach, especially when your JLT. With all the multi-cultural cuisines here in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, you can’t be satisfied with just one dish. It would help if you tried them all. This location has every cultural dish you can think of. You have the rich flavored Thai dishes from Café Isan, Sri Lankan sensation from Ayubowan, and delicious Mexican bargain burritos from the famous Chalco’s Mexican Grill. Although it still doesn’t end there. There are still numerous restaurants from different origins that you can sink your teeth into when driving around in JLT Dubai.

Bars and Pubs

We promise you that looking for a good time and hanging out with friends in JLT is probably the best idea you have had in years. A few drinks with the guys or a night out with the girls is exactly what this place is all about.

Grab a couple of cold ones at Hoxton Bar & Urban Eatery, or have a funky night with Le Petit Belge’s unique style and hip music. Basically, when you’re in JLT, the sky is the limit for a fun night out. Of course, what’s more, extraordinary than picking up the gang in a luxury car and driving to your favorite bar? Nothing!

Exceptional Activities

Now JLT is not just about eating and having a beer with friends. There are also lots of different activities you can enjoy in this exciting destination. You can enjoy a nice walk in Greenery parks or maybe take the kids out for a nice playground adventure in these parks. There are video gaming venues where you challenge your friends to a FIFA 1on1 exhibition or catch up on your Fortnight stats. However, the most iconic activity you can enjoy is the Phobia Escape Rooms. It has more than 5 different games to play that include solving puzzles with your friends.

Other Services & Renting

While grabbing a bit and enjoying a nice escape, the room adventure seems fun; there’s still more to JLT. This location also provides other services like high-ranking gyms with certified coaches and salons with talented stylists.

You can sign up for boxing courses and body-building training at the best Gyms in Dubai. Moreover, you can get the finest and trendiest haircuts, skincare, and grooming from the business’s best stylists. You can say that this location has everything you need and more, making it a good place to settle. Luckily renting in JLT won’t be a problem. There are furnished and unfurnished apartments at exceptional prices. So, this could be a perfect place to settle in and rent a car in JLT Dubai.

Rent with Us From VIP

Consider renting from us your dream car. Why? Because we have your extraordinary car rental right here. Check out our wide selection of luxury cars, sports vehicles, and much more at our car dealer company. You can also browse our fleet right here online and choose the car you want to rent in JLT Dubai.

Call us now or fill out our online forum to book your next divine car rental experience right here in Dubai. Nothing is more satisfying than the smell of luxury driving.