Economy Car Rental in Dubai

The economy vehicle is considered the smallest of all car groups, and its name comes from the affordable rental rate and excellent fuel economy. Therefore, economy car rental in Dubai is a perfect choice for people who want to take a long road trip and maximize their savings while traveling.

Fewer Prices More Enjoyment

Of course, the cost is always a crucial factor when planning a trip. Whether you want to spend a romantic honeymoon on Dubai Beach, take your kids for summer vacation, or travel to the city center for business, you should have a budget and don’t waste all your money on renting a car in Dubai. Therefore, if you are looking for a rental car on a budget, benefit from their economy car rental service in Dubai. Generally, economy cars are fuel-efficient that save you more money. Their best fuel efficiency makes them ideal for driving in crowded areas with tight parking spaces, and their size makes maneuverability through traffic quite easy.

Why Economy Car Rental Dubai?

If you’re the type of person that is always seeking a deal and presently wanting a car rental on a limited budget, an economy car is perfect for you. Economic car rentals are also the best for families who want great deals on cars, wherever their vacation destination is. Economy cars have fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines that let drivers save more money at the pump. If you are stuck between renting a full-size sedan and a compact car, hire an economy vehicle from VIP. Economic vehicles provide enough space for the entire family and come with a compact car’s fuel efficiency.
Whether you want to take your family to a relative’s house or plan to rent a Dubai International Airport vehicle during a business trip, an economy car in Dubai is the perfect way to go. offers many additional advantages, including:

  • Great Gas Mileage
  • Affordable Prices
  • Perfect Interior & Exterior Designs
  • High Performance
  • Reliability

Advantages of Economy Cars from VIP

When hiring an economy car from VIP, you will get a reliable vehicle at affordable prices. That’s why our economy cars offer the best deal around. When you hire an economy vehicle from VIP, you can expect to drive one of the top brands in the world with enough space for up to 4 passengers and 2 pieces of extra luggage. Like a VIP team, we have a large fleet of economy cars and take care of each of them because they are fuel-efficient, leaving more money in pockets.

At VIP, we make the car rental process very simple and easy. You can choose the economy car you dream of, then book it online by filling out a form and have it received at any place in Dubai, including airport locations. We also offer exclusive services for our dear clients, such as chauffeured cars and 24/7 customer service.

It is known that the journey matters, not the destination, but who said that obviously didn’t visit Dubai. VIP gets your back! We give a hand by making the journey and the destination count in the magnificent city of Dubai. Multi-lingual, uniformed, and professional chauffeurs will take you to breathtaking attractions. This will spare you the hassle of getting lost in the city and give you extra relaxation, especially if you are heading to an important business meeting.

The Brands of Economy Cars Available at VIP

Stylish, dependable, and affordable. Our Economy fleet respects your budget, and with our perfect cars, we’re out to prove that you can look elegant, even while heading to the airport or navigating in rush hour traffic.


The Mazda Motor Corporation owns Mazda. It is headquartered in Hiroshima, and this company was established in 1920 under the name of “Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd,” and the name was changed to “Toyo Kogyo” in 1927. Besides, in 2007, Mazda manufactured about 1.3 million cars, and the largest part of these cars (which is 1 million cars) were manufactured in the company’s factories in Japan. In 2011 the company ranked the 15th largest automaker by production. The Mazda Motor Corporation, or what is known as the Japanese Warrior, perhaps the reason for this name is the power of designs, high performance, and commitment to professionalism in every detail of car production.


Kia Corporation is the second-largest auto manufacturer with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Hyundai Motor Group owns 33% of Kia. Despite its focus on fuel consumption’s economic standards, Kia does not forget to make its cars among the most beautiful and eye-catching ones. Kia cars are designed to captivate hearts, thanks to their elegance and dynamic design. They are characterized by stability, power, having a strong chassis, and are provided with modern technology. These factors make Kia one of the best economy cars in the world.


Hyundai Motor Company is the second-largest company in South Korea after Samsung. The fourth-largest auto manufacturer in the world by several units sold annually. It was established in 1967. This company’s first car was called “Cortina,” and this was in cooperation with the American Ford Motor Company. Hyundai cars have gained popularity thanks to their fuel efficiency, superb designs, high performance, and reliability.


The Nissan Motors Company, Ltd. is a famous auto manufacturer established in 1932 and headquartered in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Nissan economy cars are distinguished by their eye-catchy and exceptional details of the design. They contain integrated safety features and smart technologies that will make the driving experience unforgettable. Its performance, paint finish, interior, and exterior designs, fuel efficiency, let you enjoy your trip to the max.