BMW Rental Dubai

Enjoy an adventure filled with power and elegance with the finest BMW Rental Dubai from VIP Car Rental.

Why BMW Rental Dubai?

The outstanding Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, ordinarily known as BMW, is a German multinational company that offers the most luxurious vehicles and motorcycles. BMW Rental Dubai was established in 1916 as a producer of aircraft motors, which were manufactured from 1917 until 1918 and repeatedly from 1933 to 1945. It’s preferred by most car lovers due to how bizarre and perfected the many models BMW has established are. Basically, BMW Rental Dubai is where luxury meets sports. We at VIP Car Rental offer you nothing but to fill your life with the most pleasurable experiences with our wide collection of BMW Rental Dubai models.

Which BMW Rental Dubai?

By combining strength with richness, BMW Rental Dubai is your way to experience the most exceptional lifestyle. The various models BMW has established are all unique differently. Each model is made most amazing and equipped with the most satisfying features as well. Picking only one model of their collection is challenging due to how extraordinary each one of them is. Here at VIP Car Rental, we care for you, your pleasure, and your satisfaction. This gives us the duty to choose the most exquisite BMW Rental Dubai models for you to rent for unbeatable prices all over the UAE.

Have the most fantastic adventure while cruising on UAE roads with your fancied BMW Rental Dubai model. Nothing can enhance your Dubai journey better than a BMW model can, whether you want a strong engine to run an enjoyable trip or a luxurious style to enjoy an elegant appearance. BMW got you covered with both combined. Treat yourself with the quality time you deserve to relish with a BMW Rental Dubai from VIP Car Rental.

BMW 740Li

BMW 740Li comes with a 2,998cc engine capacity, automatic transmission, 326bhp engine power – BHP, 155Mph top speed, and 3,210mm wheelbase. All these features combined produce the most potent and outstanding vehicle you dream of. It features audio and USB input, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and air conditioning. We offer this strong and elegant BMW Rental Dubai in the most stunning white color with a beautiful orange interior. With VIP Car Rental, nothing feels more pleasurable. We are always doing our best to provide you with the finest cars available to enjoy a trip filled with satisfaction in the UAE.


BMW M4 comes with a 2,812 mm (110.7 in) Wheelbase,
3.0 L S55 twin-turbo I6 engine and 6-speed ZF GS6-53BZ manual transmission. It’s a two-door car that can impress your heart as soon as you’re behind its wheel. With our BMW Rental Dubai models, you can cruise around the UAE in the most elegant and enjoyable ways you desire. It features air conditioning, GPS navigation, audio & USB input, and Bluetooth as well. We offer this luxurious car in a gold shade that comes with an elegant black interior. We care for you and your wishes! That’s why we are offering you to enjoy an adventure filled with the power and elegance your soul would admire.


The extraordinary BMW X6 comes with a 2993 engine displacement, 335.25bhp@5500-6500 max power, 450Nm@1500-5200 max torque, 10.31 KMPL ARAI Mileage, and five seats capacity. This means that other than how powerful and robust it is, it also is comfortable for any road trip with your friends or family. It features audio and USB input, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, and air conditioning too. We offer this unique model in a beautiful white exterior color with an extraordinary brown interior color. With VIP Car Rental, you have the chance to enjoy your preferred BMW Rental Dubai model on the UAE’s roads.


If you’re looking for the perfect way to enjoy an adventure filled with pleasure, then we got you covered with the amazing BMW Rental Dubai models. BMW X5 comes with a 2998cc engine displacement, 340hp@6500rpm max power, 450Nm@1500-5200rpm max torque, and 11.24 KMPL ARAI Mileage. Its exterior design is unique and strong, and the interior comes in a soft and elegant design. It features USB and audio input, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and air conditioning. We offer this charming model in a white color that comes with a black-shaded interior. With this elegant BMW Rental Dubai, you will enjoy the UAE to the max.

BMW 520i

BMW 520i is where you can meet beauty and power together. Feel the beauty of this elegant model and enjoy the outstanding powerful engine it includes. It comes with a 2993cc engine displacement, 620Nm@2000-2500rpm max torque, 261.49bhp@4000rpm max power, 10.6 KMPL city mileage 18.59 KMPL ARAI mileage as well. It features USB and audio input, air conditioning, GPS navigation, and Bluetooth as well. We offer the outstanding BMW 520i in an elegant gray color with the most astonishing black-shaded interior. With BMW Rental Dubai, you’ll feel perfectly on point as soon as you get behind the wheel and start cruising on the UAE’s roads.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe

BMW 430i Gran Coupe comes with a powerful inter-cooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4 (4 Cylinder) engine type, (Net @ RPM): 248 @ 5200 horsepower , (Net @ RPM): 258 @ 1450 torque, and 8-speed automatic transmission as well. All these specifications show nothing but power, elegance, and strength. It features USB and audio input, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and air conditioning. We offer this stunning model with the most outstanding white exterior combined with a beautiful beige interior that can impress your spirit and mind. With BMW Rental Dubai, you can enjoy every trip in the UAE to the max.

BMW 430i Convertible

BMW 430i Convertible comes with a turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 24-valve inline-6, aluminum block, head, direct fuel injection engine type, 8-speed automatic transmission, 112.2 in wheelbase, 364 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm torque, and 382 hp @ 6500 rpm power. It also features USB and audio input, air conditioning, GPS navigation, and Bluetooth. We offer the exceptional BMW 430i Convertible in a unique black exterior shade combined with the most elegant red interior shade. Get behind its wheel, and enjoy a memorable adventure in the UAE. With BMW Rental Dubai, you’re looking on point and feeling pleasant at the same time.

How much does it cost to rent a BMW?

BMW rental prices start from 300 and reach up to 3000 AED depending on the model.

How long are BMW leases?

BMW leasing depends on you. You can choose 1 year to 5-year leasing plan.