SUV Rental in Dubai

The sport utility vehicle or SUV is one of the most popular cars in the world. It is comfortable, practical, and stylish. Therefore, SUV rental in Dubai is something desirable and preferable.

Utility in Renting a Family Car in Dubai

Besides, when hiring an SUV, you will be able to move on slip and winding roads while enjoying a perfect driving experience. Nothing scares SUV, especially the turns! It is characterized as a utility vehicle with great driving features in addition to a large interior space suitable for transporting people and luggage. It allows everyone to store things that are, most of the time, bulky.

Why Should You Rent an SUV in Dubai?

The SUV remains an ideal choice for travelers, and it is designed to run and move on the wide roads of Dubai. If you plan to choose an SUV as your next adventure, VIP is here to provide you with your dream car.

SUVs are distinguished due to their attractive design and high performance. These vehicles also feature a set of accessories to offer you higher performance and a superior driving experience. With an SUV by your side, the options to go for are genuinely endless. You can take your family to one of Dubai’s family attractions or plan a weekend holiday with your friends to explore what Dubai has to offer.

An SUV for road trips

If you plan a road trip in the magnificent city of Dubai, choose an SUV to make your trip more distinctive and unique. A mid-size or full-size SUV can accommodate up to 9 passengers with all your luggage. Additionally, along with providing additional space, the SUV comes with several safety features making it an excellent choice.

An SUV for city driving

Are you looking for a car that can facilitate your daily commute in Dubai? Are you a businessman who has too many meetings at different locations? A compact SUV can do well in such situations. Our wide range of SUVs is equipped with advanced GPS navigation features to make navigating the city hassle-free.

VIP Rent a Car is Your Best Choice to Rent an SUV

Our SUVs range includes popular models from top brands, and all of our cars for hire are periodically & excellently maintained and sanitized.


The American General Motors Company owns the Cadillac Motor Car Division. The SUV Cadillac is distinguished by both uniqueness and high performance and the modern technologies in it. With Cadillac’s modern design, superior abilities, and luxurious entertainment in addition to flawless elegance, this car is a true embodiment of wealth, luxury, and high performance, making it a distinct brand of masterful creativity. Cadillac enables you to turn heads as if you were a famous Hollywood star and Wows people around you wherever you go.


If you want elegance and sporty performance in your rental car, Audi is definitely your best choice. It has made a milestone in the history of SUVs. Sporty style and luxury are the essence of Audi cars, as they provide superior performance in line with the exceptional cabin space. Thanks to the safety provided by the latest technology and innovative assistance systems, the driver can focus on pleasure and enjoyment while driving with no worries at all.


The Nissan Motor Company is known for producing many car classes and models characterized by perfect abilities, performance, and high-quality materials, whether for the exterior or the interior. Nissan cars are characterized by their innovative designs, modern accessories, latest technologies, and integrated advanced safety systems. Besides, it is known that many people are drawn to Nissan and prefer to own it as their dream car. Therefore, with their stunning design and exceptional features, Nissan cars can change your feeling about SUV vehicles.


General Motors Truck Company is a part of the American auto manufacturer General Motors. Initially, the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company was established in 1902 by the Grabowsky brothers. GMC is one of the most persistent brands in the General Motors group and the second-largest by sales of the three General Motors brands in the Middle East. GMC has a tremendous and futuristic vision for a long time, which has helped it spread and prove its quality and uniqueness. It also enjoys a good reputation due to its cars’ beautiful features and excellent stability on all types of roads.


Lexus was founded in 1989, and its headquarters are in Nagoya, Japan. Besides, it is one of the divisions of Toyota Motor Corporation and provides its services characterized by efficiency and professionalism in all countries in the world. Along with the car industry, Lexus has been interested in the shipbuilding industry. Lexus cars feature a stylish sporty design and advanced technologies, and spacious interior space to accommodate many passengers. They are also distinguished by being preferred due to their perfect features, the most important of which are modernity, entertainment, high performance, luxury, elegant sportiness, in addition to the powerful engine.


Hyundai cars are characterized by a healthy spread in the international and Arab market. Since its launch, it has succeeded in attracting its customers’ trust and featured a distinctive, elegant exterior design along with a spacious interior. Besides, Nissan seats are super comfortable, and the powerful engine makes the car a real beast!


The Ford Motor Company is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Ford cars got an outstanding reputation for their high quality, strength, and efficiency on the road, so much so that some of their models have turned into historical icons of much esteem, such as the Ford Mustang, Lincoln Continental, Ford Thunderbird, and others. Ford vehicle has a spacious and comfortable interior and an infotainment system that comes with a touch screen. It is also characterized by a spacious cabin, a powerful engine, and the ability to run on unpaved roads, making it an ideal choice for trips and camping lovers. It is also used by many police and civil defense agencies around the world.


Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a Japanese automobile manufacturer located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Mitsubishi cars are widely known for their high performance, spectacular designs, and having the latest technologies. Therefore, if you prefer sporty performance and elegant designs, you will not regret choosing Mitsubishi.


Kia Corporation is a Korean automobile manufacturer. It is known that Kia cars feature precise and distinctive design details, in addition to powerful engines and eye-catchy designs. A perfect adaption also characterizes them to all kinds of roads.