Car Rental Dubai Airport

“Welcome to Dubai, Sir/Ms.” These are the kind of words you would hear as soon as you arrive at Dubai International Airport. How lovely would it be to get the proper greetings and humble gratitude from the people of the UAE when you step foot into this great country? This could be possible by just a car rental Dubai airport; this means that a professional diver will come and pick you up from Dubai airport and take you wherever you need to go.

You probably heard this before, a chauffeur picking you up from the airport is not a new service to you. However, you haven’t experienced true elegance until you tried out chauffeur services from VIP Rent a Car. We’re not just offering you a pick-up and drive from the airport to your desired destination; we are giving you the chance to be picked up in a car of your choice.

Car rental in Dubai airport is one of many services we provide here at VIP. We will send you one of our finest drivers to come and pick you up from the airport in a Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, or Range Rover. Being driven in a luxury car like a Rolls Royce around the city of Dubai is a fancy experience at its finest. This dream can become a reality with us here at VIP Rent a Car.

How is Airport Pick-up Beneficial

If you’re visiting Dubai for the first time, then you have no idea how this modern city is experienced. Enjoying a nice meal at your favorite restaurant or having a couple of cold ones with your friends at the bar is indeed one way to have fun in Dubai. However, what you don’t know is that cars are the way to an exciting and thrilling journey in the UAE for this modern city.

Consider a car rental in Dubai airport for these reasons:

No Need for a Map

If you’re a first-timer visiting the UAE, then you might face a few difficulties finding the way to your hotel or other locations in the city. Sure, today’s modern technology and GPS can help you arrive at your destination easily, but do you think you have time to look at your phone, then on the road, and then on your phone again to make sure you’re heading in the right direction?

Just kick back and enjoy the ride while your assigned professional driver takes over your trip and drive. Get a car rental in Dubai airport and rid yourself of confusion.

You Don’t Want to Miss the Sights:

Sometimes when driving around the city and trying to arrive at your preferred destination, you don’t get the chance to look through your window and glance at the beautiful sight and iconic towers Dubai has to offer. You’re too busy keeping your eyes on the road to be looking out your window to gaze at that spectacular Burj Al Khalifa.

Get yourself a chauffeur through our driver services and enjoy the sights and roads in the back seat of your car. Take pictures, post stories, or gaze at the spectacular architecture of this great modern city of Dubai while your driver takes you where you need to go.

Cruise with Style:

With our car rental company at VIP, you get the chance to drive and be driven in the car of your selection. We offer a wide selection of sports cars, luxury convertibles, and SUVs just for your satisfaction. The best part of car rental in Dubai airport is that you can rent a chauffeur to drive you in a Ferrari from the airport to your hotel at an amazing price.

With this advantage, you get to enjoy the wonders of Dubai while driving in a stylish and modern car. You’ll be mistaken for a celebrity in a luxury car from our fleet, as most high-ranked people prefer to be driven in luxury cars when they visit Dubai. So, get used to the attention and stealing the spotlight every time you step out of your fancy vehicle.

What Kind of Cars to Expect from VIP?

If you’re planning to rent a car for a long-term period or want a car rental in Dubai airport for a simple pick-up and drop-off, then you’re at the right place. Feast your eyes at our range of extraordinary cars from all categories.

You can rent a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Porsche from us here at VIP for an extraordinary price. You’ll be getting super fast cars and high-performing engines when you decide to rent from us. Expect explosive speed and magnificent exterior design with our sports car fleet. You’ll experience horsepower up to 460 hp with our exotic vehicle.

Furthermore, you can take a tour of our luxury car category from Rolls Royce to modern Bentleys that will indeed take your breath away. This category is all about style, comfort, and elegance to those who require it. You can sit back and enjoy a nice fancy and comfy drive with one of our luxury cars.

Another possible option you can get from us here at VIP is the SUV category. You get the chance to drive or be chauffeured by a Range Rover or an Audi Q7 in Dubai. This way, if you’re arriving in Dubai with a group of friends or maybe your family, you can then easily get in this fancy car and get to where you want to go instantly!

Why Rent VIP?

We provide a wide collection of car categories and models to keep your driving thirst quenched. We also provide highly professional drivers for your car rental in Dubai airport option. You can count on us when you want to make your stay in Dubai a memorable one.


Contact our customer hotline anytime you want as our phones are open for you all day. You can also fill out a forum online and book your next driver with a car of your choice. Nothing feels better than a VIP cruise in Dubai.