Monthly Car Rental Dubai

Whether it’s for just one day or a couple of weeks, a month or even a year, or even for a lifetime, what you need is the proper means of transportation to get where you want to go at your own pace. Renting a car is somewhat a need in the great city of Dubai. You can’t always rely on public transportation or even taxis and Ubers to get you where you need to be. First of all, it’s expensive, that’s why monthly car rental in Dubai is your best option.  


There are a lot of offers and crazy deals in the UAE for car rentals. Whether it’s a monthly car rental in Dubai or a long-term car rental, you’ll get the best deal and cheapest offer you can find on the car of your choice. Luckily, we here at VIP Rent a Car provide the best car rentals in the market and at extraordinary prices.   You can browse our entire fleet of cars and choose the best option for you. We offer a wide collection of sports, luxury, SUV, economical, and convertible cars to satisfy your thirst for a luxurious drive. Get your long-term car rental in Dubai offer today from us here at VIP Rent a Car.

Advantages of Monthly Car Rental Dubai

Seeing you might be staying longer in Dubai or becoming a resident, you need the right car to serve your transportation requirements and at a great price. Consider going with a monthly car rental in Dubai as your first option; here are a few reasons why monthly car rental in Dubai from VIP is beneficial:

Money is Key:

You rent a vehicle because you want to save money on your trip to Dubai. This way, you get the chance to do all the fun activities of your glorious vacation. Also, you might be a resident here and want to have access to an easier way to get where you need to go in less time.   Fuel isn’t expensive in the UAE; however, taking a taxi or an Uber every day is, that’s why saving more money on transportation. Expect if you rent a car every month when you’re renting from us at VIP because we have exquisite offers for long-term rental in Dubai.

Glorious VIP Experience:

Here’s the deal, if you want to have a great time living or visiting the UAE, then you need a good car for the occasion. You want to visit historical locations, amazing sights and enjoy what this city has to offer. That’s why a monthly car rental in Dubai is a great option because you get to visit these places and have a great journey as well.   Although that might seem an exciting experience, the real breathtaking advantage of the long-term car rental in Dubai is the vehicle itself. Just imagine yourself behind a luxury car like the GMC or the Audi Q8. A true delight, isn’t it?

A Variety of VIP Cars to Drive:

The best part about monthly car rental in Dubai is that you get to drive the car of your dreams and then switch to another car that you desire to cruise in. it’s quite simple when you rent a vehicle you want for a month. Then your possession of the vehicle ends; you can then either extend your deal or just rent a new one instead. With this type of advantage, you’ll be able to drive and experience all the luxury cars you always wanted to drive here in the UAE.

Less Risk and Insurance:

Although this advantage doesn’t apply to all companies and car models, it still applies to a large scale of vehicles. We mean by less risk that you don’t have to take up a loan from your local bank to purchase the car you want. This will only lead to financial issues, and you won’t be able to take up loans on houses.   Play it smart and go for a long-term car rental in Dubai so that you stay stable financially. Plus, some companies don’t require you to pay a high insurance fee when renting, so this makes it easier and cheaper to rent the car of your dreams.

Why Choose VIP for Long-Term Car Rental?

What we present to our clients and car lovers is an extraordinary cruising experience and clean top-notch vehicles. Some people say that rentals are just old beat-up cars that are hanging by a thread. They say that rentals don’t even provide good performance and their engines are very weak. That’s where people get it wrong.   When you choose us here at VIP Rent a Car, you’re not only getting a vehicle that is in tip-top shape, and you’re also obtaining a great, high-performing engine that gives out needed speed like any other fresh new car. This is only possible because of our highly professional team that strives to provide only the best. We test out every used car we have and carefully examine its inner engine and interior and exterior bodies to determine whether these vehicles are suitable to hit the road. We’re concerned about both your safety and satisfaction.   Moreover, when you choose us for your monthly car rental in Dubai, you’re getting an outstanding competitive deal that will keep you and your wallet satisfied. The longer you rent, the more offers you get from our humble and hardworking team here at VIP Rent a Car.

Can you rent a car month by month?

Yes. VIP Rent a Car provides monthly car rental in Dubai, UAE.

Is renting a car in Dubai worth it?

Absolutely! It’s definitely worth it to rent a car in Dubai. Who wouldn’t want the freedom to move anywhere they want without waiting for a taxi.

Can you lease cars in Dubai?

Yes. You’ll be expected to pay a specific amount of money for several kilometers, whether you use them or not, and sign a long-term lease contract when using a monthly car rental service.

How does leasing a car in Dubai work?

Leasing a car model in the UAE is just like renting an apartment. You perform monthly payments for a specific number of kilometers whether you’ve used all of them or not. Generally, Monthly Rent a Car Dubai is the use of a car for a particularized period in trade for monthly payments. The dealership or rental company usually puts a few rules in the contract you would need to sign in order to use that car.

Rental Requirements at VIP Rent a Car in Dubai, UAE

Some people think renting a car is a long and difficult process filled with papers to sign and obligations to meet. Actually, it’s not that of a big deal, and it’s much easier than you think. Here are the requirements that are needed for your next long-term car rental in Dubai:

Only in the UAE:

The car you rent from us here at VIP is only for use in UAE, for insurance coverage.

Residents in the UAE:

All drivers with a residence or work VISA issued by the UAE must issue a valid driving license in the UAE for at least one year and be more than 25 years old.

Tourists and Visitors:

Citizens with driving licenses can drive in the UAE using their foreign license through a valid visit card or a tourist visa. Note that the original license must be of the same nationality country.

Non-English or Arabic Licenses:

Please note that customers with driving licenses from Japan, Turkey, Greece, and South Korea must translate their authorized driver’s license from their consulate or embassy as appropriate.

Passport Data:

For all UAE residents, a copy of the passport (Image ID page and visa page) must be submitted at the time of hire.

For Tourists and Visitors:

A valid UAE visa must be stamped on the passport. It is necessary for residents who rent from G, H, I, L, and N cars group to submit the original passport before renting.

Payment Methods at VIP

If you’ve decided to go with a monthly car rental in Dubai from us at VIP, then here are a few ways you could submit your payments: A valid credit card is required of the main driver’s name for any car hire. An authorization will be obtained on your credit card based on estimated and excess rental fees at the time of hire. Your credit card must contain enough funds to cover all rental charges.   Major credit cards accepted are Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Diners Club. Please note that debit cards are not accepted.

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Whether you need a long-term car rental or monthly car rental in Dubai, then call us today and let us be your guide to your driving sensation. Rent the car of your dreams today from us here at VIP. Call us or fill out the forum online to book the vehicle of your choice today.   Contact us whenever you like, as our customer service line is open 24/7 to address your concerns.