Ferrari Rental Dubai

We offer you many Ferrari models that will steal your heart at a glance. If you’re a sports car lover, then Ferrari Rental Dubai at VIP Car Rental is the dreamland you’re looking for.

Midnight Car Rental Dubai

Nothing in the world can beat a midnight trip in the UAE in your favorite Ferrari model. Here at VIP Car Rental in Dubai, we provide you with the most outstanding sports car models that will turn up your lifestyle into a luxurious one filled with pleasure, delight, and happiness. Ferrari is known to be one of the most powerful and elegant sports cars globally, even since 1947. Their cars are super fast, safe, and fun as well. Every Ferrari model is surprisingly unique in a different way. That’s why we offer you some of your desired Ferrari Rental Dubai models to cheer you up and help you enjoy an adventure you’ve never pictured.

Why Ferrari Rental Dubai?

If you’re wondering what’s so bizarre about Ferrari, then the answer is “Everything.” Ferrari is unique due to its powerful engines, artistic designs, chic interiors, and exceptional performance at the same time. It might be a little more expensive, making it hard to buy one, but renting that dream Ferrari Rental Dubai for a couple of days, a week, or even a month is never a waste. Whether you’re visiting the UAE for the first time, going out on vacation with your best friends, or trying to enjoy some quality time on your own, we got you covered with the perfect Ferrari models that completely fit your holiday. Enjoy the finest adventures with Ferrari Rental Dubai from VIP Car Rental because we care for your satisfaction and safety. We also believe that you deserve to relish this world to the max by driving your ideal car.


Ferrari was founded on 13 September 1939 in Modena, Italy, and ever since that day, the world of race cars has changed to the most exquisite level we can see now. Every car lover knows how joyful it is to drive a Ferrari. Can you imagine the experience of driving one of their elegant models in the streets of the UAE? Sounds incredible, right? Enjoy having the most exceptional time with Ferrari Rental Dubai.

Which Ferrari Rental Dubai?

Looking for the chosen Ferrari model is tricky due to how marvelous all their designs are. Whether we’re talking about the unusual interior designs, strong motors, or even the marvelous shades Ferrari offers. Picking any of Ferrari’s models is never a waste. All of them are delightful in a pleasing way as well. Which even makes it harder to choose one. That’s why we offer you a few of their most fantastic models that you fancy to help you enjoy the spell of Dubai’s beauty. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest with Ferrari Rental Dubai.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

The outstanding Ferrari 812 Superfast comes with a marvelous 6.5 L F140 GA V12 engine, 800 PS (588 kW; 789 hp) power output, and 7-speed Magna 7DCL750 dual-clutch Transmission. Its top speed is 211 mph, making it one of the fastest street-legal cars globally. Its performance is exciting and fully enjoyable as well. As soon as you ride this extraordinary car, you will instantly feel how it combines the quality of racing cars with elegance and high professionalism. We offer this magnificent model in a charming red tone that you will desire. If you’re visiting the UAE, then considering Ferrari Rental Dubai is something that your spirit would appreciate.

Ferrari 488 GTB

The spectacular Ferrari 488 GTB comes with a great roaring twin-turbo V8, generating 661 strength and racing from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 3.1 seconds. This means you’ll be experiencing driving a race car in the streets of the UAE. Ferrari 488 GTB also has a new form for air conditioning drains, unusual deluxe seats that present balance for the riders, and a sports system that’s designed precisely to make its travel system more comfortable. With this two-seat sports car, you will feel the joy of being chic, happy, and having a pleasurable midnight trip with your chosen friend. Basically, Ferrari Rental Dubai is a trend that has no limits, which will enhance your mood and happiness to the most exquisite level possible.

Ferrari 488 Spider

The exceptional Ferrari 488 Spider comes with a 660 bhp power and a 3902 CC engine that will blow your mind and steal your heart at the same time. Its unique inside layout comes in a brownish magnificent shade, while the exterior color is a classy red shade that will satisfy your lifestyle to the max. With the Ferrari 488 Spider, you will have marvelous adventures you will never forget. Enjoy filling your time with luxury by drifting in the UAE in a marvelous Ferrari Rental Dubai. Whether you’re alone or with your chosen lover, this Ferrari model is the perfect way to impress the world with your richness. With VIP Car Rental in Dubai, you will have the most incredible time.

Ferrari Portofino

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience in the UAE, renting this model is the first step. Ferrari Portofino is a great car with a twin-turbo, 3.9L V8 that develops 600 horsepower and 651 lb·ft of torque, an automatic 7-speed transmission technology. Its top speed is also 320 km/h (199 mph). How notable is that? We offer it in an elegant red color that’s magically unique. The interior design is also remarkable due to how delicate and chic it looks. Technically, this two-door car combines fun and classy with its overall design and performance. Imagine getting behind the wheel with someone that means a lot to you and drifting in the streets of the UAE while listening to your favorite melody.

Ferrari would double the magic of the UAE with Ferrari Rental Dubai. We at VIP Car Rental will always provide you with the finest sports car models you wish for. With our car-renting store, you’ll have the finest and most pleasurable time on the roads of the UAE.

How much is it to rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

Generally, it costs approximately 2500 AED per day. It depends on the car model and car dealership.

Can you drive a Ferrari in Dubai?

Yes. In fact, Ferrari Rental Dubai is one of the brands we highly recommend in the UAE.

Can I rent a supercar in Dubai?

Yes. There is a variety of the most spectacular supercars that you can rent in the UAE. VIP rent a car offers a huge collection of the most astonishing car models for you to enjoy a memorable adventure.