Luxury Car Rental

Most tourists need a luxury car rental in Dubai to help them move between the various tourist attractions easily and smoothly, whether those cars are chauffeured or without a driver. Besides, luxury cars are always among the best in the world.

Why You Need a Luxury Car Rental

Dubai is now one of the most important tourist cities that people worldwide come to every year, and tourists enjoy getting around. They are chosen by clients who like to travel comfortably, and luxury cars are also rented by people who want to go for business meetings. These vehicles are distinguished by elegance, beauty, high quality, and performance. Behind the steering wheel of every distinctive luxury vehicle, each driver feels comfortable and safe. It also seems that auto manufacturers always have high driver and passenger safety standards in premium luxury vehicles. Therefore, these cars are carrying the latest technology features that increase travelers’ comfort and safety.

The advanced safety features and impressive performance of the luxury vehicle also ensure that it remains a preferred choice for visitors and Dubai residents. Besides, luxury cars combine high prestige, quality, and comfort with maneuverability and accessible driving features. This is a harmony of beauty and comfort for those drivers who want to spend memorable times in the city of Dubai.

The Advantages of Luxury Car Rental

Visitors to Dubai’s city always face a big question before heading to the UAE to move around the city smoothly and efficiently without running into problems or facing difficulties that would spoil their vacation and disturb their visit to that beautiful country. Their goal is always recreation and entertainment, and they wonder: “is it better to rent cars in Dubai or ride public transportation?”. It is preferred to rent cars in Dubai, especially as it is available and accessible at VIP. Our luxury cars range mainly consists of major top brands, such as Porsche, Maserati, Mercedes, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Tesla, BMW, Audi, and Mini Cooper. These cars are spacious, unique in design, and extremely elegant.

Additionally, luxury cars are designed for the wealthy who love beautiful, high-quality vehicles. These cars always attract people and businessmen’s attention and help emphasize their status. Sometimes you need to meet important guests – and choosing the luxury car can be the key to the success of the meeting (and sometimes, they are the key to success when making an important deal).

VIP Luxury Car Rental

At VIP, Luxury car rental in Dubai is available with a driver if you do not know how to drive or do not have an international driving license, making it easy for you to move around. Non-Arab tourists represent many visitors to Dubai, especially as it has attractions exclusively located in it. You find that they make up many clients of car rental companies in Dubai. This has led VIPs to provide multi-lingual drivers, which offers ease in dealing with clients who prefer to rent a chauffeured car in Dubai.

Furthermore, it is available to rent cars in Dubai without a chauffeur provided that you have an international driving license or a local UAE one. Renting a car in Dubai without a driver is something that many tourists prefer and consider more accessible and comfortable during their daily tours in this beautiful city. Also, wherever your destination is, you will find it easy to rent a car that is available before you arrive in Dubai, as VIP offers Airport pick-up and drop-off service. You can book any vehicle before you arrive at the airport.

Porsche Luxury Car Rental

Porsche, the German luxury car manufacturer, was founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche to produce the first car in 1938. Many models such as the Carrera 911, Boxster, Cayenne, Panamera, and others with many specifications suit all car enthusiasts in the market. Porsche is not just a car; it is a brand and identity with a rich history and is considered the most prominent and best car manufacturer in the eyes of many. With its power, luxury, and high performance, Porsche is a leading brand in the world of cars, and many of its vehicles have become a model for others to emulate.


Alfieri Maserati founded this Italian luxury car manufacturer in December 1926, and the company was headquartered in Bologna. The company focused on manufacturing luxury cars in the Italian style, distinguished by exotic and innovative interiors, and the company logo symbolizes luxury and style in exclusive vehicles. Maserati cars are luxurious, spacious, fast, powerful, and attractive. On top of that, it has a lot of mystery. Maserati guarantees you an exciting driving experience with its new and advanced features.


It is a German global automotive brand owned by Daimler. Mercedes-Benz has many luxury vehicles. Luxurious, exclusive, unique, and superbly designed- its perfection combined with exclusivity make it most people’s first choice. Among the features that distinguish the Mercedes is absolute spaciousness. The interior design that embodies luxury and elegance gives an unparalleled sense of uniqueness.


Jaguar is one of the biggest and most famous luxury sports car companies in the world. This company was established in 1922 and began to fully manufacture cars in 1945 to become a leader in cars and engines until Ford bought it and then by the Indian Tata Motors in 2008. Jaguar has proven itself in the market. It has been a strong brand that competes with the most prominent car manufacturers, such as Mercedes and BMW. Annually, the company offers several different models, such as the I-Pace, F-Pace, F-Type, and others, with many specifications that suit all car enthusiasts. Jaguar wins in many speed and safety tests.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is one of the most extensive and most expensive luxury brands globally when it comes to cars. It has provided some of the most expensive cars, making it the forefront of luxury car manufactures. This distinction is not born today but is there in this company’s history. Born on March 15, 1906, the partnership formed in 1904 between Sir Henry Royce and Charles Rolls. Since then, Rolls Royce has focused on one thing, which is to provide luxury cars. As one of the most established companies in the world of luxury cars, Rolls Royce is known for its ability to combine the past and the present. It stays true to its principle of making luxury a higher priority.


It is a California-based company that specializes in the automotive industry. Tesla continues to prove that it sits on the throne of ultimate luxury cars. Tesla officially became the second-highest-selling luxury car brand in the US during the third quarter of 2018. It is popular with people because of its luxury and unique specifications. Tesla is one of the best luxury electric cars regarding performance and safety standards.


It is a German manufacturer of cars, motorcycles, and engines founded in 1916. This tremendous German automaker is one of the most respected brands in the automotive industry. The power, flawless design, and speed distinguish BMW.


Audi is a German company that produces luxury cars and is part of the Volkswagen Group. It gives pioneering features to its fleet of high-tech cars. These features range from greater driving precision, higher passenger comfort, modern technologies, powerful engines, and more.

Mini Cooper

The first car from Mini Cooper came in the late 1950s to be an alternative that reduces fuel consumption. It was designed in Britain and launched in 1959; engineer Alec Issigonis invented it to be his most outstanding achievement. Its high quality, elegant design distinguishes the Mini Cooper. Many features improve performance, such as the air filter and the enhanced suspension system.