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It glows as it passes you by at every traffic light. It makes a stylish fashion statement every time it stops and parks on the side of the roads. It gives an elegant edge to its driver and everyone else in the passenger seats. It’s the Porsche Panamera from us at VIP Rent a Car. We advise you to rent Porsche Panamera in Dubai so that you too can live the life of a famous person and an important individual. Give out those divine vibes and classy impressions about you as you step out of your new Porsche Panamera rental.

Rent Porsche Panamera Dubai

This car is your doorway to a happy and elegant life here in Dubai. When you rent Porsche Panamera in Dubai, you rent a fancy and elegant personality that comes with this glorious vehicle. Luxury is the right word to describe what the Porsche Panamera has to offer its driver. Rent it today and find out for yourself.

Best Features and Specs of the Porsche Panamera

We usually leave it to the driver to decide if this car is the perfect fit for them or not because as soon as you rent Porsche Panamera in Dubai, you’ll know what it offers. However, we still want to give you the grand tour of this remarkable vehicle.


We always like to start with the design and looks of this fine automobile. The Porsche Panamera isn’t considered a luxury car just because of its name. Our Porsche Panamera rental has a nice smooth white color finish that gives it a classy edge. It also comes with a low-profile body, but not very close to the ground considering the extra passengers and weight it can carry.


The interior of the

says it all. The red seat and black design of it is what every driver dream of. The comfort is one thing, but the legroom is just a whole other story. You can definitely enjoy a nice cruise in this car and never feel any cramps or back tensions, even for long hour driving.


Looking over to this car’s engine aspect, you’ll see that it provides substantial power and high-speed performance thanks to its turbocharged 2.6-liter V-6 engine. It has a horsepower of 325 hp and can reach 60 miles per hour in just 3.8 seconds. The automatic transmission on the Porsche Panamera makes it such an easy and delightful vehicle to drive.

Rent with Us at VIP

Don’t worry about high prices and expensive rental offers because we offer you the best business deals. Rent Porsche Panamera in Dubai from us today and start driving the way you always wanted. Rent your exciting journey with the car of your choice. We make cars accessible for everyone because we believe anyone deserves the chance to live luxuriously in Dubai. So, please don’t give it a second thought, and contact us today to book your rental from VIP.


Doors 4
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Red
Make Porsche
Seats 4
Transmission Automatic


Audio Input
GPS Navigation
USB Input