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Bentley Continental GT V12

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Bentley Continental GT V12

If you’re feeling empty and nothing seems to fill that void in your personality, then what you need is to try something new. You need a new experience that will lift your spirit and draw a smile on your face. You need a new car; that’s why we here at VIP Rent a Car offer you to rent Bentley GT in Dubai. A truly magnificent artwork of a car that resembles fine elegance and chic personality.

Rent Bentley GT Dubai

When you rent Bentley GT in Dubai, you control the streets and the pleasure that comes with it in one car. This luxury vehicle is made to make late-night cruises all the more enjoyable and comfortable as well. Glide on the concrete roads of the UAE and show off your spectacular modern Bentley GT to the world.

You might want to get used to the extra attention and surprising fame that come with it. You will hear “aren’t you that person from the news” a lot.

Best Features and Specification

When trying to identify what this Bentley GT rental can provide, the list never seems to end. From great looks, breathtaking interior, and a powerful engine, the Bentley GT has it all. If you want to rent Bentley GT in Dubai, you must know a bit more about its features.


Starting with this magnificent car’s style and design, the outer body sends out those chic, classy vibes with that black paint job finish. The Bentley GT exterior says, “lookout, famous person coming through!” on the other hand, the interior has a bit different vibe than the outer body. With the red leather fabric design on the seats, the Bentley GT seems more like a race car on the inside. However, as you take your seat behind the wheel, the comfortable fabrics are like sitting on a cloud with four wheels.


Engine power is what makes this Bentley GT rental a mind-blowing machine. It has a V-12 engine with substantial horsepower up to 626 hp. It can accelerate and reach 60 miles per hour with just 3.3 seconds on the clock. The Bentley GT uses an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that gives it a beast roar. You can dominate any road when you rent Bentley GT in Dubai.

Rent Goodness with VIP

Whether you’re into fast, powerful engine cars, low-profile vehicles, or just automobiles that get you where you need to go, we have it all. Get your hands on the finest vehicle in the country and start living like a boss with us at VIP. Rent Bentley GT in Dubai and take over the streets with every pedal to the metal.


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Doors 2
Exterior Color Black
Interior Color Red
Make Bentley
Seats 5
Transmission Automatic


Audio Input
GPS Navigation
USB Input