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Discover the Advantages of Renting a BMW X5 in Dubai

Looking to experience the luxury of a BMW X5 in Dubai without the hefty price tag? At VIP, we offer competitive rates and attractive long-term rental deals on our entire fleet of luxury vehicles. Opting to rent rather than buy not only saves you money but also offers the flexibility to switch between cars when your rental term ends, allowing you to explore various options hassle-free.

Renting a BMW X5 in Dubai offers a compelling mix of power and versatility, making it an ideal choice for families. Explore its exceptional features and specifications to understand why it’s the perfect vehicle for your needs.

BMW X5 Specifications and Features

The BMW X5 boasts a robust engine and ample space, making it an excellent companion for city tours and family getaways. With a generous trunk space of 33.9 cubic feet and a seating area that expands to 72 cubic feet, it’s an impressively spacious vehicle, perfect for various needs.

In Dubai, our available BMW X5 rentals feature an elegant snowy white exterior, exuding a stylish and aerodynamically efficient design. Inside, the car offers a stunning black-themed interior with five seats and generous cargo space.

Under the hood, this engineering marvel impresses with an all-wheel automatic transmission featuring an eight-speed capability. The BMW X5 is powered by a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine, generating a substantial 335 horsepower, ensuring a confident drive over any terrain.

Conquer the Roads with a BMW X5 Rental in Dubai

Why commit to the expense of purchasing a new car when you can enjoy the benefits of renting? At VIP, we offer a fleet of top-tier vehicles primed to traverse the UAE streets. Our BMW X5 rental services in Dubai come with enticing deals and competitive pricing, ensuring a delightful driving experience within your budget.

Contact us today to book your dream car and unlock the luxury and performance of a BMW X5 without the associated costs.


Doors 4
Exterior Color Black
Interior Color Black
Make BMW
Seats 4
Transmission Automatic


Audio Input
GPS Navigation
USB Input