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The future is here and its name is Tesla Model X. Say goodbye to all your standard normal vehicles and say hello to Ellon Musk’s great invention. Thanks to our dedicated team, now you can rent Tesla in Dubai for a great price. Enjoy your days in this Arabian cultural city with a modern-age vehicle that fits Dubai’s futuristic atmosphere. It’s the perfect car for those of you looking to step up your car game and take on the new adventure of tomorrow. It’s smooth, sleek, and has that cutting-edge technology that sets it apart not just from any vehicle, but from the world as well.

This model is more of an SUV structured one, as it has enough internal space and legroom to fit the entire family and extra luggage for your trip. It’s both a practical choice and a luxury experience since it was made for elegance and class.

The Specs Behind Tesla

“Save the planet” is the intention behind this modern vehicle. When you rent Tesla in Dubai, you’re saving the environment with its electric motors set at the front and back of the car. The purpose is to introduce new technology without harming our beloved planet. Think of it as an eco-friendly vehicle with all the specs and features you can find in a fuel-based one.

Speaking of specs, let’s get into the features and engine specifications the Tesla Model X has to offer. Starting from the top, it has a 2 asynchronous AC motor that runs on pure electricity, which is the essence of this remarkable invention. It has an all-wheel-drive feature thanks to the double motors placed in the front and rear of the vehicle. Both of these motors combined produce about 532 horsepower which allows them to reach 60 miles per hour in 3.3 seconds. The front motor produces 259 hp while the rear one produces 503. Moreover, the car handles like a beauty on the road for it’s very easy to handle and smooth around the corners.

Other than great power and extraordinary performance, Tesla also offers comfort and practicality. It has enough room inside to fit several passengers while also carrying a few bags as well. Consider this vehicle the luxury family car of the century, it gives you the extra room you need and adds some flair to your style.

Rent Tesla in Dubai

Get the chance to drive your own Tesla Model X from our car rental company today. We offer you great deals and promising prices on several luxury vehicles from our collection. Even if you want to rent Tesla in Dubai you can find it right here on our site or at the office. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll do the rest. You can also book your favorite vehicle online by filling out a simple booking form. With us, your driving adventure has never been easier. Enhance your cruising experience and rent your dream car from VIP.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Tesla in Dubai?

Everything depends on the company or car dealership you intend to rent from. Some dealerships offer cheaper prices than others. However, if you want to rent Tesla in Dubai, then you’re looking at a range from 600 to 1150 AED per day. As for monthly rentals, it ranges from 11,000 AED to as high as 35,000 AED depending on the car model

Does Tesla Work in Dubai?

Yes! It’s been a long time coming and the UAE has been preparing for this car to hit their roads for a while now. Everything that resembles this amazing invention works perfectly in Dubai. So, if you’re looking to rent Tesla in Dubai, go for it!

How Do I Book a Tesla Taxi in Dubai?

With VIP it’s very simple. You can just contact us on our customer service line or just book your vehicles online. By doing so, you’ll easily rent Tesla in Dubai with a driver. Our Chauffeur services are ready for you any time of the day.


Doors 4
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Black
Make Tesla
Seats 5
Transmission Automatic


Audio Input
GPS Navigation
USB Input