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10 Things You Should Never Do While Driving in Dubai

10 Things You Should Never Do While Driving In Dubai When it comes to driving your dream car, you should understand that there are a few rules that you need to follow. If you're trying to enjoy a fascinating trip in the UAE without facing any obstacles, then this is for you! Cruising in your preferred car model in the UAE seems like a dream, but with our unbeatable prices and services, it's never been easier for you to enjoy it to the fullest with these 10 Things You Should Never Do While Driving In Dubai. Driving a luxury car in Dubai is a chance to have an extraordinary lifestyle filled with maximum pleasure and satisfaction. At the same time, there are many rules you need to stick to in case you want to avoid any trouble. For example, follow the speed limit for every street or park only where it's acceptable to avoid getting any extra fees.

Follow The Lead

If you’re seeking to enjoy your adventure to the fullest without letting anything ruin your mood, then follow these 10 Things You Should Never Do While Driving In Dubai, and you’re ready to go!

Is There A Truck Near You?

The dangerous thing about driving next to a truck is that the driver might not be able to see you in case you're too close to them. Try to avoid driving behind, in front, or next to any truck you see on the road as it can't stop quickly in case of an accident. Enjoy your road trip, but keep it safe at the same time.

Don't Drink Alcohol If You're Driving!

Whether you're in friends gathering, or partying with your friends/family, avoid drinking if you're going to drive. Not only does drinking make it harder for you to focus on the road, which is dangerous for your safety and others. It also might cause you to pay some more cash or end up in jail!

Safety's First

Going on a trip with your family to the UAE is fun. But are you sure your kids are completely safe in the car? You never know what might happen on the road, so do your best to keep your family safe by using the safety features your car offers to avoid any mistakes that might lead to a car crash.


Always look for the best spot to park your car instead of leaving it anywhere. Parking in an unacceptable place might cause you to get a ticket and pay extra fees. For example, you can't park your car in front of the hotel's or mall's door. Most places in Dubai have a parking place, so why not keep it there? It will be safe and won't cause you to waste any more money.

Running The Red Light

Not paying attention to the red lights and running them will put you at risk of getting a fine of 1,000 AED and 12 dark focuses enrolled in the driver's permit.

Leave Your Phone Aside

Working on your mobile phone while cruising in your dream rented car will put you in danger. Keep your phone aside and only check what you need to check while waiting on the red light. Plus, you will get a fine of 800 AED in addition to 4 dark focuses in the driver's permit record.

Keep The Music On A Low Volume

It might be fun to listen to your favorite song while driving, but do you like listening to what other cars are listening to? Keep the voice down, close the windows, and enjoy it as you like without disturbing anyone else.

Car Seats For Your Kids

To keep your kids completely safe, always put them in their car seats. These chairs are made to hold them comfortably and safely, so why not use them on every road trip?

Don't Curse At Other Cars.

We all know how intense it can be to face a driver who doesn't know how to drive well. But when it comes to Dubai, cursing, in general, is inappropriate. Stay calm, and don't let anything ruin your vacation.

Don't Eat Or Drink While Driving.

If you feel like having a good drink or eating, you can always park aside and do that. Eating and drinking while you're behind the wheel can cause you to pay more money and ruin your interior furniture with stains as well.


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