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Porsche Carrera 911 GTS

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Porsche Carrera 911 GTS

Nobody likes driving around in an old beat-up car that doesn’t have a lot of mileage left on it. You don’t want a car that’s about to hit the bucket and turn in its fuel tank as a sign of disability. You need a magnificent car that can take you to high standards and places you never dreamed were possible. You need to rent a Porsche 911 in Dubai and release tensions through a magnificent exotic vehicle. Scream joyfully as you skid the roads and dominate the streets with your luxury fast car.

Rent Porsche 911 Dubai

When you rent a Porsche 911 in Dubai, you are opening the gateway to an exciting and unforgettable UAE experience. With a vehicle like this, you can visit all the places you want to go to, party hard at every club your heart desires, and, most importantly, steal the spotlight. With a Porsche 911 rental from us at VIP, you are the star of the show.

Porsche 911 Best Features and Specifications

Rent our Porsche 911 in Dubai and feast your eyes on the eye-catching and dazzling outer body of this exotic car. It has 2 doors that give it that low-profile body design and clever aerodynamic technology for an extra speed boost. Most importantly, with a black paint job finish, it gives out classy and elegant vibes, making it a perfect luxury experience.

The interior is not much to talk about, but the steering wheel’s Porsche logo says it all. A brown inner color design with four seats and high-quality material fabrics is more than enough to make it a breathtaking vehicle. It has all the technology and extra features you need in any car you drive in Dubai. Of course, comfort is essential for those long road trips across the city, exactly what this car is built for.

Give it that extra step on the gas pedal and see it fly. The Porsche 911 has a six-cylinder engine that produces massive power of 450 horsepower. It also has an automatic seven-speed transmission and an all-wheel-drive option. It can reach a top speed of 308 kilometers per hour and accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.6 seconds. Feel the power and speed run through your veins when driving this spectacular piece of art.

Rent What You Desire with VIP

We at VIP Rent a Car strive to make every car a possibility to rent for our clients. We provide mind-blowing prices and exceptional deals to make your dreams come true of driving s luxury vehicle. With us, you can rent a Porsche 911 in Dubai quickly and hit the roads in no time. All you need is a simple phone call to our customer service line and book your next luxury experience in a matter of minutes. Choose VIP and become one.


Doors 2
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Black
Make Porsche
Seats 4
Transmission Automatic


Audio Input
GPS Navigation
USB Input