The business of renting a car in Dubai is changing to an industry now. The response has been increasing lately to an extent that, companies and many individuals are investing in this market. It has been seen that the residential people of Dubai choose to rent a car rather than buying one, because of the benefits they receive, and the hustle-bustle they deduct.

In fact, one can easily upgrade to the latest models very easily without any a headache. Renting a car is no big deal now. But, you must be thorough with the customs of renting a car in Dubai to avoid unnecessary hassles. Let’s check on the few things one should know before Renting a car in Dubai.

1) Documentation
To hire a car in Dubai, one should be having a valid driving license of UAE, making sure you are at least a 21 years old adult. Anyone with a driving license of a reputed country or having an international driving license can hire a car as well. But in case you are a non-resident, you also need to produce a copy of your visa with your driving license. And if you are a resident, then a copy of your passport and driving license will match the requirements.

2) Responsibilities
At the time of renting, it is essential to read all the documents, terms and conditions, also check it any additional hidden charges are to be mentioned. Also one should be knowing the mileage restrictions, though if well researched, one may find rentals with unlimited mileage. Generally, one need not worry about registration, insurance, servicing, and paper works, as it is completely taken care of by the Rental Company. Though almost every Rental company have their own set of rules and guidelines. Like many companies doesn’t allow off-roading with their cars.

3) Insurance
Generally, if any mishap takes place, the rental company itself pays the excess of the deductibles as it is observed that there’s a charge of UAE standard insurance is taken while issuing each of the rentals. However, if the company has any other terms and conditions, one should be thoroughly going through that before taking the wheels in hands.

4) Points To Be Noted
Only the registered person can be driving the rented vehicles. To get another driver registered, one will need to provide necessary documents including a valid license and visa copy, with additional registration fees. However, different companies have different policies and documentation, but most of them are commonly satisfied with license and passport.

5) Safety Is Mandatory
This is the foremost and most important step to undergo before you rent a luxury car or sports car in Dubai, to be reminded safety should be always your first priority on the road. Though the cars are modern and advanced with Hi-tech safety, still a sense of safety in mind always triggers it up the best.

If all the steps are checked and fulfilled, one can easily go for a Range Rover rental in Dubai without any hassle and hit the road like a king.