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What You Should Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai?

The first thing you need to know before renting a car in Dubai is that this will be the most exquisite journey in your life. The UAE is generally one of the most extraordinary places on earth. Can you imagine how perfect it would be to cruise around it in a luxury car model? By renting any sports, economy, SUV, convertible, family, or luxury car model from our VIP, you'll be stealing the spotlight wherever you go in Dubai. If you’re thinking about What You Should Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai? Then we got your back!

Some Tips About “What You Should Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai”

Where To Go?

If you're knowledgeable of the UAE's streets, then that's perfect! Set up your plan to where you're going, and drive there. If you're new to the UAE, then no worries, you can always hire a chauffeur from our expert drivers at VIP or turn on your GPS navigation and get there comfortably.

Speed Limits

Stick to the street's speed limit to avoid getting any extra charges. Every street in the UAE has a different speed limit that will help you stay safe and have a fascinating adventure at the same time. For example, the general speed limit in Abu Dhabi is 140 km/h, while it's 110 km/h in Dubai, in the Northern Emirates, it's 120km/h. You can always drive at a speed that's a little bit less, but don't even try and get faster than the limits. Otherwise, you might get a fines ticket!

When to Visit?

This tip is one of the most helpful (What You Should Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai?) tips you can think of. The UAE has only two kinds of weather. It's either hot or even hotter! You might want to visit between October and April as that's the less heated it can get. Generally, even if you desire to have a trip to the UAE at any other time, that's fine! All you have to do is make sure you rent a car with a powerful conditioner that can cool off the air around you.

Ask For A Permission Before Taking Photos While Renting A Car in Dubai

If you're a photographer, have that hobby, or would like to take some pictures to show to your family when you get back, then don't forget to ask around before you take pictures! Not everyone prefers to be photographed. Even if they said that they don't mind, take a picture or two, don't turn it into a whole photoshoot session! You can always take additional images of the beautiful sea, detailed buildings, or other significant natural views.

Dress modestly

You see, the UAE has a respectful history of religions that many people still stick to them nowadays. It would be polite for you to dress the things they are familiar with more. For example, don't wear really short shorts, or a T-shirt that reveals a lot. Instead, as you're enjoying your adventure in the UAE, you should try exploring the popular traditions. It would be more fun and gentle at the same time!

Should You Tip?

YES! Wherever you go! Whether you're at a restaurant, a parking lot, the park, trying the street food, or even in the hotel. As soon as someone puts in the time and effort to help you get a remarkable journey in the UAE, tip them. You don't need to pay a lot, any suitable amount of money would do.

All In All

Get yourself a great adventure in the UAE. Rent your dream car for the most affordable price from our VIP, get behind the wheel, and enjoy every second of your holiday. We are always fully prepared to help you get the most amazing trip you can admire with the most useful (What You Should Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai?) tips.